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The Caribbean's Only Gold Paydirt Company

Hey, you found us...nice! If you are looking to purchase gold paydirt for gold panning you came to the right place. Before there was ever a gold rush in California, Alaska or Canada, there was a gold rush in the "new world" by the Spanish. Puerto Rico was the first location mined by the Conquistadors. The Spaniards mined most of the easy to find gold placer deposits between 1509-1579. Gold mining has never been a significant source of income for Puerto Rico.

Today we are the only gold paydirt company located in the Caribbean. In fact, Caribbean Gold Paydirt® is one of the only modern day mines located in Puerto Rico. Due to the remote location of our sites, all "mining" actually takes place by hand, gold panning mostly. The only prospecting equipment we are able to get to our sites are sluices, buckets and pans. Most sites are very remote, which is great for secrecy but not so great logistically.

Our bags of paydirt are packed with gold rich gravels and sands from our rivers of gold,plunge pools and gold bearing red clay and contain real natural gold. These panning gold concentrates are then checked to make sure you receive gold in every bag. Our paydirt is not only unique because it comes from the Caribbean. Our gold quality is very high and most of our products contain gold flakes, gold pickers and gold nuggets!

We sell high quality gold pay dirt. All of our pay dirt bags are guaranteed to contain the minimum amount of gold stated in the descriptions, although many contain more.

- Roberto Cofressi

Best Paydirt Company

Caribbean Gold Paydirt® is the best gold pay dirt company on the internet. With our guaranteed gold, you get what is promised in your bag every time. Our gold panning paydirt contains quality gold from small flakes to pickers and you may even find large gold nuggets in your pan, the La Cascada paydirt bag is known for that. All of our pay dirt bags are in stock and we ship direct from Puerto Rico to customers around the world.

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Is Gold Paydirt Real?

Caribbean Gold Paydirt®is a high-quality gold panning paydirt that has geniune placer gold from our mine in Puerto Rico for gold prospectors who want to find gold. We offer many different types of paydirt, all of which are rich in placer gold for home miners. With our unique Caribbean paydirt you are guaranteed gold from small flakes to large gold nuggets, depending on what pay dirt bag you purchase. You have tried paydirt from Alaska and California, now it's time to go crazy and have a blast panning gold found on "la isla de encanto".

What is Gold Paydirt?

Gold Paydirt is an unusual type of gold bearing dirt that contains which contains real natural gold, gold flakes and gold nuggets or diamonds. Gold prospectors have risking their lives for centuries and continue to do so, searching for high quality gold paydirt. Maybe you're a gold prospector, but you don't have the tools and equipment to strike the mother lode.

All you need is a gold pan and you can purchase a pay dirt bag and pan real gold pay dirt. Caribbean Gold Paydirt® sells the most unique paydirt on the market. You do not need to risk your life in your quest to strike it rich gold panning. There are plenty of home gold prospectors who enjoy our rich paydirt bags and nice gold nuggets.

Rivers of Gold

Puerto Rico, once known by the Spanish for it's rivers of gold, does not have a mining industry to speak of today. The days of the Spaniard miners for gold are long gone, even the old timers gold panning in the rivers are few and far between today. However, if you know where to look, there is much placer gold still to be discovered to this day. Remember rivers change their course over time and form a new path.

After years of research and studying of old maps, we were able to discover (or re-discover) through gold prospecting, our own rivers of gold deep in the Puerto Rican jungle. Our rivers are so gold rich, in some spots you can just pick up chunks of gold ore, or a gold nugget, you don't even need gold pans. Don't get too excited though...we are not going to reveal the location!

You can however purchase Caribbean Gold Paydirt® and enjoy panning Caribbean gold from your home and find your own gold nugget in your pan.

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Order Gold Paydirt

You don't need to travel to the jungle and rappel down 100 foot waterfalls to find Spanish gold ore. We have the gold prospecting part covered and make it simple to order gold dirt at the best price from the comfort of your home. We offer rich gold paydirt for sale online with secure checkout.

All of our products we sell have a gold guarantee making us the best gold paydirt company on earth.

The process is easy, pick which bag or bags of gold paydirt that you are interested in panning, we have different price points, add it to your cart and checkout. We handle the rest and your order will go out as soon as possible, usually shipping the next day. You will enjoy panning for gold from the Caribbean in just a few days.

Once your bag of gold paydirt you purchased arrives, get your gold pans ready and begin your search. Gold panning is fun for the entire family! Whether as a hobby to have a great time with your son or daughter, or as a fun gift to purchase for friends, everyone will have a bunch of fun.

If you don't find all of the gold promised in your pan the first time, you have missed some. With our gold guarantee all of our bags contain the stated amount of gold or more. It will take a bit of practice if you are panning gold for the first time. Go search through the tailings and pan our gold paydirt concentrates again.

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Gold Nuggets For Sale

Caribbean Gold Paydirt® offers real gold nuggets and gold in quartz specimens for sale online from time to time. When we have a surplus of gold nuggets, they may be purchased from us with free shipping within the USA. Buy raw, genuine gold nuggets. Our gold nuggets are the highest purity. Check back often, as we are constantly updating inventory.

Find low cost gold flake and gold nuggets online at an affordable price. Our high-quality gold flakes and nuggets range in purity of 20-24k. Gold arrives in our special discreet package.

Our gold nuggets and gold quartz specimens will be listed here when in stock.

Spanish Conquistadors were explorers, soldiers and sailors of Spain and also Portugal during what is know as the "Age of Discovery". Conquistador means conquerer in Spanish as they explored and conquered the Caribbean, Central and South America. Conquistadors sailed from Spain (and Portugal) colonizing the Caribbean, the Americas, Africa and also Asia. The Conquistadors’ mission was to conquer these new lands in the name of their home countries "For Gold, For God, For Glory." The reference for gold is probably the most important as the pillaged and stole all the could from Native Empires. They also tried converting indigenous people to Christianity, for God. Glory was for the fame and lasting impact history that these men sought to achieve, and apparently have if I am writing this article about them.

After Christopher Columbus brought news back to Spain of the "new world" a lot of Europeans wanted to search for gold and treasure in this new found land. Spanish Conquistadors, some of the first men to travel to the "new world" were both explorers and conquerers. After first European expedition to the West Indies in 1492, the Spanish began to build an empire in the Caribbean. They used the islands of Hispaniola, Cuba and Puerto Rico for strategic bases and strongholds to defend their newly found territory.


Caribbean Gold Paydirt® is located deep in the Puerto Rican jungle. Hours from the capital city of San Juan, our gold mining operation is not your typical mining operation. Having been prospecting previously in Alaska, Canada and California with no luck, we kept our mining dreams alive by trying something very different. In a last ditch effort, we spent years studying and searching for lost Spanish gold mines. The research alone was very time consuming and labor intensive.

Real Authentic Gold Bearing Paydirt, With Gold Flakes and Nuggets Guaranteed!

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Caribbean Gold Paydirt® has mines in the Central Highlands of Puerto Rico. Forget that boring paydirt from California and the United States or Canada. Today our company is considered a leading paydirt and gold mining manufacturer. Our gold bearing paydirt will contain gold flakes, gold pickers and gold nuggets guaranteed. Every bag purchased will contain authentic Puerto Rican gold.

Do You Want to Prospect For Gold? Start With A Goldpan

Caribbean Gold Paydirt® recommends starting by purchasing a Gold Panning Kit to pan our Gold Paydirt for an easy fun experience. If you do not have a gold pan you will be unable to recover all of the gold from our products!

Gold Panning

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We have tips and how to videos if you are interested in gold prospecting. They teach you the proper form and technique. Even if you are just panning gold at home they can help you recover more gold in every bag panned.

Caribbean Gold Paydirt® is determined to change how people access gold. Gold prospecting at home can be a rewarding experience for the entire family. Our bags of paydirt also make a great unique gift. We offer free shipping on orders over $99

Where is the Best Gold Paydirt for Sale?

It is possible that you could easily find gold from anywhere. There are paydirt bags for sale from California, Arizona, Alaska and Canada. You need to be careful though on how much gold you get in your bags. "Mailbox miners" as home prospectors as sometimes known as, need to pay attention to the ROI or return on investment. Some people maybe aren't interested in how much gold there's left in the pan after they pay for it.

For those looking to earn more gold for the money, your efforts are rewarded with Caribbean Gold Paydirt® as we offer very high ROI's. Reviews of our paydirt can be found online by people who have panned it. Take a look for yourselves and you will see our positive reviews as a sign of what you can expect in every bag.

First time trying Caribbean Gold Paydirt®?

With our special Puerto Rican paydirt offers, gold can be easily found. We can assure that from your first bag, the gold promised will end up in your pan as we are the best paydirt company on the internet. Our Caribbean gold is alluring whether you are seasoned miners or it's your first time prospecting. Caribbean Gold Paydirt® offers a sample bag for sale. Please see our pay dirt bag offers.

Can You Get Rich Panning for Gold?

Can people live comfortably in gold mining for gold? Yeah, they do. In addition to generating enormous profit from mining, the big multinational firms must spend massive sums of money to acquire gold. Will you get rich prospecting for gold at home with paydirt? No, you will not but you will have a great time as it is fun for the entire family. Customers will also get some great gold in your pan from a gold rich bag at a great price.