About Us

Welcome to Caribbean Gold Paydirt®! We are the only gold paydirt company located in the Caribbean. We have been prospecting all throughout the gold rich Caribbean for many years. Hiking many miles through dense jungles, we have found gold rich rivers, plunge pools and red clays. With that history is it easy to understand how we are the best paydirt company. Our pay dirt is truly unique as it is the only paydirt originating in the Caribbean.

puerto rico gold prospecting

Caribbean Gold Paydirt® is made up two lifelong friends with over 40 plus years prospecting experience between them. After gold prospecting in Alaska and California and Arizona, we decided to try something different, unique and a little crazy. 

We have all heard that the Spanish discovered tons of gold in the "new world". These were the very first gold rushes in the western hemisphere. 

Our mentality went something like this:

  • Surely the Spaniards couldn't have found ALL of the gold.
  • The price of gold back in 1493 was pennies compared to today.
  • So just as there was for many years, and is currently an ongoing new gold rush in Alaska due to higher gold prices, what if we tried old Spanish gold mines?
  • The fact the old time miners left gold behind in Alaska and California, we figured the Spanish left a TON of gold behind in the Caribbean.
  • Just as in other places they probably just mined the easy to find placer gold. They didn't have any equipment back then to speak of.

After some very in depth research and a few trips traveling around...Eureka! Or whatever that translates to in Spanish.

Now you can experience panning for Caribbean gold at home, by simply ordering one of our gold rich bags of paydirt.