In this section we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions of Caribbean Gold Paydirt®. We will continue to update this section as new questions come to our attention.

You may also contact us at info@caribbeangoldpaydirt.com


Yes! We are the only gold paydirt company located in the Caribbean!

We are located in the central gold bearing highlands of Puerto Rico. Your gold panning paydirt is shipped directly from here.

Caribbean Gold Paydirt® is made up of 20 plus year prospectors. After prospecting in Alaska and California we decided to try something different, unique and a little crazy.

We have all heard that the Spanish discovered tons of gold in the "new world". These were the very first gold rushes in the western hemisphere. After some very in depth research and a few trips traveling around...Eureka! Or whatever that translates to in Spanish.

Haha... yeah we aren't telling you that! We receive many inquiries about the location of our sites. Due to the amount of prospecting, years of research and hard work that went into finding our gold bearing sites, we will not be revealing the location of our gold mines anytimes soon.

No! Our sites and location will remain a secret. However we have mapped every old Spanish gold mine on the island, including some great placer locations. These gold maps can be purchased here.


All gold paydirt orders are shipped via USPS priority shipping the same day or next business day.

Ocassionally, we are prospecting in a remote location and will ship your order as soon as we are back in the shop.

For orders shipping in the United States, we use USPS priority mail and most orders will arrive in 2-3 days.

Yes Caribbean Gold Paydirt® shipped around the world, however we do not ship to Australia currently.

Australian customs does not like organic products such as gold paydirt. Sorry mates.

Shipping costs for international shipping is higher than in the U.S. and is calculated at checkout.

Gold Guarantee

Yes! All bags of Caribbean Gold Paydirt® have a minimum amount of gold. Excluding our sample bag of gold paydirt. There is no minimum guaranteed on that product as it is not seeded and is pure gold concentrates from our site.

Thw amount of gold varies depending on the product as does the gold sizes. Some bags have 1+ gram nuggets and others may have have 200 mesh or smaller "flour gold".

Since we start with placer gold concentrates from our mine sites and then add more gold, all of our bags will contain at least the amount stated as the minimums, although most contain more.

We also have bonus bags that contain 2 times the amount of gold in them.

Yes! That is how can guarantee the amount od geniune Puerto Rico gold. All of our pay dirt bags are created with real unprocessed placer gold mining concentrates from several of our gold bearing sites. Then they are "seeded" to ensure you receive the amount of gold stated on each product or more. Every bag of our gold paydirt has a minimum amount of gold guaranteed (except our sample bags) as listed in the product descriptions.

Different products have different difficulty levels and amounts of gold in them depending on what on what product you choose.

Depending on the product, the material and gold size will be different to accomidate each gold panning skill level. The source may be from a Caribbean plunge pool and have gravels and larger gold nuggets for a "beginner", or a more challenging red clay with gold flakes and pickers. We also have everything in between containing mixes of sands, gravels, red clay and black sand. Puerto Rico's red clays are not that easy to pan. Our "expert" bags of paydirt contain more black sand and finer flour gold and is much more challenging to pan. Don't worry though they still contain some nice gold pickers.

We also source gemstones such as emeralds from Colombiaand offer them in our Esmeralda paydirt. In the future we will be offering amber in our bags of gold paydirt sourced from the Dominican Republic.

The amount of gold that you receive in your bag differs from product to product. Please read the product desriptions on each bag of gold paydirt.

Our bags of geniune Puerto Rican paydirt are already gold heavy due to the quality of our minesites.

We then throw in even more authentic placer gold with purities from 22-24k ensuring you always get MORE than the minimum guaranteed amount of gold in each and every bag!

  • Please note: Our Gold sample paydirt bags DO NOT have a guaranteed amount of gold in them!

The Caribbean Gold Paydirt® sample bag DOES NOT guarantee a specific amount of gold. It is a sample product and is made from our natural river gravels and sands. We do guarantee they contain gold but cannot guarantee how much as no extra gold has been added.

We simply love gold panning! In fact a lot of our "mining" is done with only classifiers, buckets and gold pans. We suggest simply panning our gold concentrates in a riffled gold pan several times to ensure you recover all of the gold. If you choose to run the material through equipment such as a mini sluice, be sure to also pan the tailings as well.


Unfortunately we no longer accept returns for bags of paydirt.

Due to dishonest customers in the past returning only dirt after recovering all of the gold we cannot accept returns. We know most customers are honest at home mailbox miners but a few took advantage.

However we will make it right if there is a problem. If your bag of paydirt arrives damaged, DO NOT pan it or open the item and contact us right away.

Take pictures whenever possible to document the damage.

Caribbean Gold Paydirt® recommends learning "how to pan for gold" from this tutorial. This will help you to learn the poper technique, especially if it is your first time gold panning. Even if you have panned for gold before you can still benefit from this tutorial.

Usually customers did not find al of the gold due to inproper panning techniques. Simply try repanning the "tailings" again and even again, especially if it is a more challenging product. We guarantee the gold is in there.

The next problen we encounter is people using equipment such as a mini sluice, for example. While sluices can be great, they simply do not recover 100 percent of the gold. The solution is the same. Pan the tailings and you will find it.

If you are sure that you panned it properly and still didn't find the guaranteed amount, check your scale. You may need to calibrate it or you may not have to proper scale to accurately weigh gold.

Gold Paydirt as an Investment

One common mistake people make is that they believe gold paydirt is a good investment. Well, that simply is not always true. Paydirt is great for practice prospecting at home, as a gift or just for fun with the family. You will find a decent amount of gold with our paydirt and get a great ROI (return on investment) but there are better ways to invest in gold. You can buy gold coins or bullion as close to the spot gold price as possible if you wish to invest. We aren't going to recommend any sellers here but do your due dillegence and ONLY buy from a reputable dealer!

In some instances you will receive more than 100% ROI with our paydirt especially if you get a bonus bag.

Aslo it is worth mentioning that if you purchase an American Eagle Gold coin with a credit card for an investmwent with a credit card, the companies charge you a fee. with that scenario above, your American Gold Eagle coin will probably have the same ROI as our paydirt. Lets face it though...we pan gold paydirt for fun.

No, unfortunately you usually won't get more gold than what you paid for. In some instances it is possible though. An example would be if you receive one of our bonus bags that contains double the gold.

Another possibly way is that historically gold prices increase in value. If you hold onto your placer gold and sell it at a later date, you may make a few bucks!

The main reason people buy gold paydirt is that they just love the experience of prospecting for gold. It can be very disappointing though when you buy from a not so reputable seller and barely get any gold or in some instances NO GOLD AT ALL!

We have all had bad experiences with gold paydirt (yes even us included). You have gold fever and patiently or not so patiently check the mailbox waiting for the arrival of your bag. Only to have it get there and be very dissapointed to find a few flakes.

We understand gold fever for sure, so we created our gold paydirt so you will never be disappointed. You will find many flakes and pickers and even geniune gold nuggets from Puerto Rico in our gold paydirt.

Here are some reasons we believe buying gold paydirt is worth it:

  • To practice your gold panning skills in the winter months. Buying gold paydirt is the only way to keep your panning skills sharp over the long cold winter.
  • To give as a unique gift for the gold prospecter in the family. Aslo to give the gift of gold prospecting to a child to give him gold fever.
  • If you love gold prospecting and want to do it from the comfort of home. Not everybody can make it out to gold country to prospect. A lot of people live in cities but still want to experience the fun and excitement or gold in their pan.
  • If you want to test out a new piece of mining eqipment.Got a new sluice box that you want to try out before heading out into the field? Run a bag of our paydirt through it to ensure it works first.
  • You like to gamble and are hoping to receive one of our bonus bags.Hey, don't let us stop you.

Our paydirt gold bags can be found here.